Service King SK 575 Workover Rig

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Type: Used
Price: $950,000 USD
Condition: Good
Location: China

Service King SK 575 Workover Rig Specifications
Workover Depth: 10,000ft
Service Depth: 16,000ft
Drilling Depth: 7,000ft – 3 1/2in Drill Pipe
5 Axles
High Tensile Alloy Wide Flanged Beam
Front Axles: 20,000# Capacity
Suspension: Spring
Push Axle: 25,000# Capacity
Rear Axles: 46,000# Tandem
Suspension: Walking Beam
Front Tires: 385/65R22.5
Rear Tires: 11R22.5
Power Train
Engine: MTU S1300 T4
Transmission: 4500 OFS Allison
Main Drum
Brakes: 42in diameter x 12in wide
Water spray brake cooling
Double 48in Air Cooled Disc Assist
Chain: Double 140 Clutch: 324
Barrel: 16in diameter x 38in wide
Shaft: 6.60in Lebus Grooving: 1in or optional 1 1/8in
Sand Drum
Chain: Double 140 Clutch: 224
Brakes: 42in diameter x 8in wide
Water spray brake cooling
Barrel: 16in diameter x 43in wide
Shaft: 5.90in
Capacity: 14,400ft – 9/16in or 11,800ft – 5/8in
104ft MAST
Clear Height 104ft
Maximum Static Load:
230,000# Capacity with 6 lines
200,000# Capacity with 4 lines
250,000# Capacity with 6 lines
(Service / Workover)
Tubing Board Capacity:
110,600# Pipe Setback Load
Rod Board Capacity:
31,208# Static Rod Load