Downstream Services

Downstream services are a business unit of the YEMENOSCO Group Companies, a leading Oil & Gas Supply & Consultancy alliance in Yemen.

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Downstream Services

In cooperation with our local and the global project team. YEMENOSCO Downstream delivers wide range of consultancy services to the oil and gas industry.

Our Downstream consultancy services cover the entire offshore and onshore industry; production, treatment, storage and transmission of oil and gas. As a knowledge based company, our most important asset is human resources and our know-how.

In addition to our worldwide network of multidisciplinary expertise we currently employ some 21 highly qualified oil and gas local specialists that together form a strong multi-disciplinary team comprised of senior engineers with years of valuable experience and young minds with innovative courage.

We deliver a broad range of services to a variety of both land-based industries including the manufacturing, mining and chemical industries, and offshore industries such as oil, gas and wind energy.

We can supply consultancy services throughout every phase of onshore projects from permitting procedures, procurement, concept studies, design, supervision, testing and commissioning to project management.

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